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09/14/11 10:28 PM #2    


Terri Reed (Reed)

Updates anticipated next week!!!

Has anybody noticed how AWESOME the weather is supposed to be this weekend?  Looking forward to a great time at Glenn's on Friday and Reunion on Saturday. 

09/17/11 03:00 PM #3    

Laura Palmer (Bowles)

Thank you to Glenn Maggard and his wife Lisa for hosting last nights pre Reunion party.  Had so much fun and looking forward to seeing even more people tonight!!!  It was a great turnout last night....see you all soon!

09/18/11 01:56 PM #4    

Laura Palmer (Bowles)

The Reunion last night turned out awesome!!!  Had a blast and it was great seeing everyone again! 

09/19/11 09:23 AM #5    

Jerry Derrig

Thank you to the members of the Class Reunion Committee for their many contributions.  Our 35th Reunion was terrific!   My wife and I had a wonderful time!  The Class of 1976 has done themselves proud - It was great to see how well our class looked and I certainly appreciated having the opportunity to hear so many wonderful stories of great accomplishments and even greater families!  Looking forward to our next reunion already.

Jerry Derrig 

09/19/11 08:27 PM #6    

Margaret MacDonald (Brooks)

Thanks to the whole commitee for doing a terrific job for the 35th reunion!!  My husband and I enjoyed it very much.  The food and music were great, and the CD was a very nice touch.

09/20/11 12:20 AM #7    


Terri Reed (Reed)

WOW!  What a great time.  It was so nice to see everybody and to be in the company of so many amazing and ageless classmates.  My personal thanks to all of you for purchasing tickets, otherwise myself and a handful of equally thankful classmates would still be doing dishes!  ;)

09/20/11 12:24 AM #8    


Terri Reed (Reed)

Also, a note to John Schmeider -

There were some pretty incredible romances on Saturday night.  Some of them 35 + years together and still going strong.  As for the memories...while many have faded, some really nice ones just took their place.  Wish you could have joined us.

Cheers, classmates!

09/20/11 07:48 AM #9    

Laura Palmer (Bowles)

Well said Terri!!  Thank you, we are so glad everyone had a great time, we all worked very hard to make this a success!!  Miss all of you already!!

09/21/11 10:03 PM #10    


Lance Lada

Susie and I had a marvelous time this past weekend!!!!!  From the meet and greet at Glenn and Lisas, to the Saturday night festivities, the fun never stopped!!!!  Thanks to all who came out and made it all a roaring success!! I can't wait to do it all again.....soon, I hope.....:-)

11/06/11 11:34 AM #11    

Leanne Palmer (Rukstelo)

HI all, I'm a little late in writing a response to our reunion. :-)  Had a wonderful time and thanks again to the other committee members for all your hard work in making the re-union a success. 

Terri thanks again for having the post-meeting at your house, had a really great time as usually with you guys.  We have to get together again sometime soon. 

11/17/12 09:02 AM #12    


Terri Reed (Reed)

The State Wayne Theater has been re-furbished and is having it's grand opening at the conclusion of the Holiday Parade.  Talk about memories!

Parade is November 17, 2012 at 10:00 am.


12/19/12 10:50 PM #13    


Michael Kennedy


Thanks for posting this.  Lot's of memories in that movie theatre, I wasn't aware they were reopening it.

With kind regards,


03/11/15 08:06 AM #14    


Marc Nelson

Hey Classmates, Is there a reunion this summer. And  anyone up for some golf this spring/summer.     Thanks Marc Nelson                         

03/12/15 12:36 AM #15    


Terri Reed (Reed)

Hi Marc,

Re: Class of 1976 Reunion - we will be planning our 40th for next year.  The current survey results show a strong preference for a dinner/dance with a bonfire as an additional weekend activity to take place in the fall of 2016.  We will be making some updates to the website in the next month or 2 in order to provide real-time details as they are available.  

I know that there is an "all-class" reunion every year.  I'll locate the details and post them to our home page by this weekend.

Btw - we will be looking for volunteers to help with these events when we get a little closer to the date.  Please check the home page periodically for opportunities to get involved.  

See you next year! 


03/12/15 09:09 AM #16    


Glenn Maggard

Bonfire evening was a big hit last year.  Lisa and I moved from Michigan to Maryland in May 2014.  We will have a fire pit though!  Hopefully we will be able to fit the reunion into our schedule next year.



03/12/15 01:16 PM #17    

Cheryl Scott (Manetta)

Classmates, we are invited to the Class of 75's reunion.  Not sure of the details but I think it is at the same place as 74,  Adventure Bar in Wayne. 

03/14/15 01:01 AM #18    


Diana Braman (Fearn)

 The last reunion I attended was the 20th, so I would really like to attend the 40th next year. Although my address has changed several times, I can be reached through my email: I look forward to seeing the updates for the reunion in the future.

 Diana Braman Fearn

03/20/16 05:49 AM #19    


Andrew Gorton

I was just curious if there was going to be a reunion this year. looked at the site and voila!  It appeared.  For those of you who went to the 35th and are coming again, I look forward to seeing all of you again.  It was fantastic!  If you couldn't make it, do your best to get there.  I don't believe you'll regret it.  I'm in North Carolina now and I'm pretty sure Mom will let me sleep on her couch for a night or two so I can again have a great time with classmates.

03/20/16 12:48 PM #20    

Laura Palmer (Bowles)

Hi to all,   

First of all I am finally a grandma!!! Easton was born 11-25-15...He is so precious!!  

I see there is a 40th reunion set up, thank you Terri Edmonds Reed and all those helping this year! I am already signed up to attend!

 We already have tickets to the Tiger game on Sunday Sept 25..  We never miss the last fan appreciation weekend!! Maybe we can see some of you there.  My family has been HUGE Tiger fans all my life.  My sisters and a couple of brother in laws go downtown every year for Opening Day fun!!! Don't get tickets for the game but its a blast anyway!!! 

Looking forward to the Reunion this year...If you haven't been to one you really should attend!! Its a lot of fun!!!


04/17/16 09:24 PM #21    


Terri Reed (Reed)

Received notification of the passing of Brian Rork from cancer on 7/17/15.  His sister, Renee is one of us and Brian was friends with many of our classmates.  Brian lived in Livonia and is survived by his daughters Holly and Heather.  His obituary can be viewed at:



08/17/16 12:26 PM #22    

Dave Santure

Does anyone want to play golf on Friday morning, Sept 23rd??   We can tee off early so we'll be ready for any pre-football game activities!!    Looking forward to the weekend reunion!   Should be a lot of fun!!  

My email address is:

Just send me a note.   I'm not a great golfer so don't worry about your play.  More important to get together and enjoy moment! 

08/18/16 05:18 PM #23    


Marc Nelson

Whats going on the Friday before the reunion ??

08/18/16 08:35 PM #24    


Andrew Gorton

Some people are going to the game, then there is a gathering afterward at a local drinkers.

08/18/16 08:36 PM #25    


Andrew Gorton

Should be drinkery.  Darn auto-correct.

08/19/16 11:57 AM #26    


Andrew Gorton

So I'm looking at the high school photos in the Photo Gallery and I see Laurel Lloyd, according to the caption, "studying Spanish".  Which made me laugh since Laurel took German.  It was then I saw a clean-shaven me with the big 'fro.  Significantly thinner wearing a shirt that was definitely 70s.

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